Monday, April 17, 2017

How Mice Enter Homes

How Mice Enter Your Home 

Mice enter homes in various ways. They enter through cracks, holes in the walls, floor, windows, ceiling or sewer lines.

Mice enter your home if the holes aren't sealed properly from  your sink of bathtub. They enter through plumbing and oven gas lines as well. When the weather changes and lowers in the fall theres a greater chance of infestation. Mice are capable of fitting through holes the size of a dime.  Once they enter your warm home, its rare that they will leave. They then can reproduce very quickly in just a few months.

Its best to seal all holes and cracks to prevent mice from coming in your home. Food must be stored away in containers and all trash should be disposed of as soon as possible. If you should have an infestation contact a pest control professional. All holes should be sealed with metal or cement, mice can't chew through either material.

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